aurora alerts

Lights being seen overhead in the Fairbanks areas. Kp 5. Other locations possible tonight

Heads up! Auroras are now being seen in the Fairbanks areas. Other locations reporting in NOW are Anchorage, Eagle River, Wasilla, Palmer, Delta Junction. The current Kp level at 920pm is a 5. I have connected my aurora webcam to Wunderground alongside my weather station. Enjoy! Here is a still image of the new cam!

Great write-up “The New Age of Aurora Viewing” by the Mudflats

I enjoyed reading this story about Carl Johnson Photography, with a little of Aurora Hunter, Todd Salat Shots in the mix, and giving information on the pre-internet way of seeking the aurora. I was pleased to see Aurora Borealis Notifications mentioned, however, it is a spin off of the other group mentioned. Great read. New…