low on the horizon possible, but with clouds

Happy Easter 2013Photo taken on March 17, 2013 at North Pole Assembly of God.

We may see the aurora very low on the horizon tonight, but we also have clouds in the area (North Pole, Fairbanks). Kp 0, 1. Yellowknife is putting on it’s nightly show at the moment (midnight Alaska time). Happy Easter, everyone.

auroras expected in AK tonight!

The aurora is expected tonight in all of AK, as well as Canada and the upper USA. It is currently being seen in ON, MB, SK, NT. Charge your camera batteries now if you have not done so from last night, and prepare for nightfall. Time of this post: 8:27pm Current Kp level is 5.

overhead looking good, Fairbanks

tiny auroraThe aurora is overhead, Fairbanks, Fox, Eielson AFB, Ft WW. Clouds and aurora in Delta, clouds in Anchorage. Kp 3. Expect Kp 4. Time: 10:15pm

Update:11:48pm. The aurora has also been reported in Talkeetna and Willow. Overcast skies in the Anchorage area and most of the Valley.

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