Aurora seen tonight! Kp 3 then Kp 2

Auroras seen tonight in the Fairbanks area, in an overhead band. Some dancing and swirling across the entire sky! Some faint displays, and some great stars too. Kp 3 to start it off, with it currently a Kp 2 at 1am.

Chena Lakes greenPhoto taken at Chena Lakes, North Pole.

Auroras again, all over the state!

The Kp fluctuated like crazy again tonight, and is currently at Kp 6. Auroras have been reported all over the entire state, and many parts of Canada. Unfortunately, the clouds and snow are covering much of Anchorage. Areas reporting in are the entire Fairbanks areas, northern villages and the slope, Tok, Delta, Talkeetna, Seward, Valdez, Kodiak, Haines, Craig, Kasilof, Homer, and more. Check your skies all night tonight and when you wake up in the morning!

Time of this post 955pm

Aurora photos from tonight, Feb 18

What a great night for northern lights! The lights lit up the entire sky, every direction, and in so many colors and shapes. All these photos were taken right from my yard in North Pole, Alaska. For more photos, see the Facebook page at

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