Clouds in Fairbanks, clouds in Anchorage Kp 6

Faint green can be picked up on cam through the clouds and in some openings in the sky in Alaska. The Kp level is high at 5, and the Wing Kp is still looking excellent for a show. Clouds may prevent most from seeing anything, and it is already almost 11pm, about the time when most people start to give up because of daytime schedules. Be sure to look at the sky in the morning if it is dark. More auroras forecast for the next few nights. I was hoping to post a better update than this, but mother nature and her clouds, oh well!

Photo, North Pole, Alaska, from last night when it was clear:
raining purple

The northeast really saw a great show tonight! Fabulous photos posted to Facebook and of course the front page of ABN website. Thanks for sharing, everyone!

Northern lights seen in Europe now. Kp 7, maybe higher

The auroras from last night in Alaska are continuing in Europe. The Kp level is 7 and the Wing Kp predicts possible Kp 9. If this storm continues for many more hours, then Alaska will see a great show tonight! Even if it wanes a bit, we will see auroras. If it remains strong, then the upper contiguous USA may see auroras.

Look north if not overhead! East coast, look north, northwest. Midwest look north! West coast look north, northeast! Alaska, first look up, then north, then any direction if you cannot easily see it. What you are doing is facing the aurora oval as seen on the Ovation plot.

I will update again later today. Be ready for tonight either way. Charge the camera and set up the tripod. Find your hat and gloves. Last night in North Pole, Alaska, it got icy even though it wasn’t snowing or raining. The ABN Aurora Cam iced up in 5 minutes time, and I had to get up there and use the hair dryer on it. The sky was exploding in pinks and greens. Amazing night!!!

icy cam with auroras dancing in the sky!

icy cam with auroras dancing in the sky!

Coming to Fairbanks? Catch the lights with Ronn and Marketa Murray!

Coming to Fairbanks? Catch the lights with Ronn and Marketa Murray!

Super show tonight, lots of purple Kp 6 Photos

Awesome show seen in the Fairbanks area and still going good as of this post at 1am. Clouds covered most of Anchorage. Delta Junction saw the lights.

States reporting in: WI, ND, SD, CO, MT, AK, and for Canada, MB, ON, YT, BC, SK, AB. NT has clouds. These areas are those reported into ABN so other areas may have seen the lights as well.

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