End of the season! Happy summer to you.

As the end of April is here, the aurora season is coming to an end. Only a short window of darkness each night to see the auroras, as we welcome the midnight sun in Alaska. Some auroras have been seen this past week, in the middle of the night. The sunshine wakes me up around 5am, and the energy of the summer is here! I hope you have enjoyed this season as much as I have. This winter was so mild! I wonder what will next winter bring?

If you are coming to Anchorage or Fairbanks or anywhere in between and points north, you will not see the aurora until mid August. Every year a visitor asks me if and when they will catch the lights in June. Sorry. Other things to see in Alaska, such as Denali, moose, fishing, etc, but no auroras til it gets dark again. The Inside Passage of Alaska, and parts of southeast Alaska may see summer lights, if it gets dark in that area. The further south you are, the more dark it is at night, and you will see auroras when the forecast is good. For the aurora forecast, the most accurate forecasts are at NOAA Space Weather and also AuroraForecast.com, where they glean info from NOAA and make it easy to decipher. No other forecasting websites are used by us here at Aurora Borealis Notifications.

If you are dreaming of coming to Alaska to see the northern lights August thru April, you can start planning now. To get your choice dates, book your rooms and tours soon. For a complete list of advertisers and recommended tours, photographers, and places to stay, please see the website, AuroraNotify.com. Have a great summer!

Where to stay!!! Moose Walk Cabins in North Pole, Alaska

Where to stay!!! Moose Walk Cabins in North Pole, Alaska

Fishing, hunting, guides, snowmobile tours. Rod's Alaskan Big Game Wilderness Guide Services

Fishing, hunting, guides, snowmobile tours. Rod’s Alaskan Big Game Wilderness Guide Services, North Pole, Alaska

Kp 3 tonight April 11/12, tomorrow night April 12/13 looking GREAT

Looking great for auroras tonight in interior Alaska and maybe on the horizon further south. We are currently at Kp 3.

Tomorrow night (Monday night/Tues morning) is looking excellent for auroras statewide in Alaska, all of Canada, and the upper portion of the contiguous USA. Also, Scotland, Ireland, and other countries in the north. New Zealand and the southernmost areas of Australia. Kp 5 predicted at this point, but may change tomorrow. A CME was observed and it may hit at the same time as the current CH HSS, which could produce fantastic auroras in the next couple nights. Be ready!

Get away from the city if possible. Look north if not overhead. Look south for the aurora australis (Australia and New Zealand).



The end of the season is approaching as sunlight is starting to block our view of the dark sky here in Alaska. Could this be the last show we see until August? Up in the north, we see the midnight sun. Those in lower latitudes where it gets dark at night all year long do see auroras any time of the year.

Kp 4 maybe but Kp 2 likely

We may see a bit of auroras tonight in interior Alaska, and maybe a little on the horizon in from Anchorage. Mid Canada may catch the lights as well. Kp 4 is forecast, but Kp 2 is most likely. Look north!

green stars

Looking for an aurora tour guide? Only a few more Aurora tours available as the season grows short.
Hours are adjusted to 10PM to 4 AM thru the weekend.
No tour on Thursday eve due to the Arctic Circle Run.
SkyFire in Focus Tours

Auroras being seen in northern Europe Kp 5

The coronal hole high speed stream has hit earth this morning and the Kp level has been steadily rising and is now Kp 5. Kp 6 is also likely. It was slightly later than forecasted, but here it is.

The strength and Kp level may wane before it is dark in Canada and Alaska, however, high latitudes may still see auroras tonight if the weather is clear. Look north when it is dark. Auroras come and go depending on the alignment of the interplanetary magnetic field, so patience is key.

Southern New Zealand is seeing auroras tonight where it is clear. Many areas both in Europe and North America have clouds to contend with tonight.

Happy weekend to you!

Friday night, tonight, auroras expected

The aurora forecast tonight (all night long til sunrise) is the arrival of the coronal hole high speed stream (CH HSS). The Kp level forecast is Kp 5, however Kp 6 can happen. The bad news is the weather. Although partly sunny in Fairbanks as of this post at 5pm, the weather forecast is for cloudy skies. Anchorage and Talkeetna also forecast cloudy skies. How to see the lights tonight: You must be willing to stay up late (or all night long). You must be willing to travel to where there are clearer skies. It is not promising for tonight. Hope for the best and for there to be openings in the clouds. Good luck!

All of Canada (where the weather is clear) may also see auroras tonight. The upper portion of the contiguous USA may see it too. Tasmania and southern New Zealand may see the lights as well.

Saturday night the continuing forecasted CH HSS may produce auroras as well.


The season in Alaska is coming to an end as we get more minutes of sunlight each day. ABN stops reporting nightly auroras April 15. After April 15, simply watch the skies during the small window of darkness we have. Big aurora storms will be announced so those in lower latitudes may see it.

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