again tonight…..Kp 5 forecast Kp 3 likely.

More lights tonight in Alaska and mid to northern Canada.
The forecast calls for Kp 5, which would put the auroras a little further south into the northern states, but it may not get that high.
Kp 3 or 4 is likely.

The lights may appear as soon as it is dark. Go to an area with little or no light pollution for the best viewing. Auroras appear faint when you are looking at it with a streetlight in your view. Also, turn your phone screen to dim. Let your eyes adjust a few minutes in the dark. You will see the vibrant colors with your eyes!

Many ask where to go to see the lights. In many places in Alaska, you don’t have to “go” anywhere. Simply look outside, and face north if you can’t see it all around. For those in the city, we have compiled a list of where to go. For Fairbanks here is the link…. And for Anchorage, here is the link.


Prints and more, have your photo taken under the lights. Vaughn Johnson Photography, Kenai, Alaska.

Prints and more, Vaughn Johnson Photography, Kenai, Alaska.

More auroras, but clouds in many areas

Kp 6 is forecast for tonight, again!

The next 3 nights are looking great for aurora watching. Kp 4, 5 and 6 possible. Sept 28/29, Sept 29/30, and Sept 30/Oct 1.
Remember other factors come into play, not just Kp levels.
That is why we have sometimes not been able to see auroras.
The coronal hole high speed stream continues and potential for auroras continue.
We watch and wait patiently! Look north! Know which direction is north from your location!

Lower 48 states be on the lookout for auroras tonight!
Which states? Those bordering Canada, and the upper midwestern states.

All of Canada!
And all of Alaska!

Here are the Kp levels we have seen the past few days. And the next few days are forecast great as well. Sadly, you can’t see the aurora if clouds are blocking the view. In between the clouds is possible, and sometimes cameras will pick up the green in the clouds. In this case, you need to know where the weather is clearer to catch the aurora!

Kp 5 forecast tonight, looking good!!!

Another fabulous forecast for tonight. Heads up for auroras tonight in northern states bordering Canada, all of Canada, and all of Alaska. Kp 5 likely. Clouds in some of Alaska, hopefully they will clear.

Current screen shot of the cams (North Pole and Wasilla, Alaska) at 430pm Alaska time camshotsept27


Where to stay!!! Moose Walk Cabins in North Pole, Alaska

Where to stay!!! Moose Walk Cabins in North Pole, Alaska

BIG LIGHTS possible TONIGHT Sept 26/27. Also Sept 27/28/29

WOW!!!! What a great forecast! The CHHSS is back! Simply put: BIG LIGHTS possible TONIGHT Sept 26/27. Also Sept 27/28/29.

Northern states bordering Canada, maybe just maybe the midwestern states, all of Canada, and all of Alaska have a super chance at seeing lights the next 3 nights. Tonight, forecast Kp 2 however, the Wing Kp is showing a teaser of Kp 6, Kp 5 G1 storm alert in effect right now.
Tuesday night/Wednesday morning the forecast is Kp 6. Experienced aurora watchers know that anything could happen at this point, since the data is looking great. Be patient and watch the data and the skies. The aurora oval is over your area typically in the middle of the night…at midnight and later. But lights can be seen anytime it is dark.

lights tonight

These are 2 maps that depict possible areas that can see the northern lights at Kp 5 and Kp 6. It is not exact. Other factors come into play. This is the general idea of the location of where it is possible. The key is to be ready. The more south you are, the lower on the horizon the aurora will be. If Alaska is seeing lights overhead, then Montana may be seeing lights low on the northern horizon, for example.

Sept 25/26 great chance for lights Kp 5

Lights are expected tonight in the northern states, Canada, and Alaska, where the weather is clear. A G1 storm warning is in effect now and a watch has been issued for Sept 26. The next 3 nights are predicted to bring us auroras. Kp 4, 5, and 6 (G2) expected over the next 3 nights.

Quick tips:

  • Lights are expected as soon as it is dark. There is no “best time” during great data such as tonight. Lights come and go. Be patient and wait. It could be a few minutes waiting, or all night waiting. Watch facebook and twitter posts if you are not seeing anything and wondering what the latest news is.
  • Look toward the north, and low toward the horizon if you are in a lower latitude, and straight up overhead if you are in Alaska and northern areas of Canada.
  • If you are in a city, you will have better luck finding a darker area. If you cannot see stars very well on a clear night, you have too much light pollution. 


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