Fantastic data continues for more auroras tonight Mar 27/28 G2 possible

Last night was so great, and the best part was the early showing! Lights started as the sun was setting and were seen with the eye about 9pm and continued until 1030. Then, the lights were sporadic until about 2am, when the sky exploded. What a night!

Auroras are forecast to continue again tonight in Alaska. Right now, as of this post at 1pm Alaska time, northern Europe is seeing auroras. Canada will see them as soon as it is dark. If the levels remain high as forecast, then the northern contiguous states may see auroras north on the horizon. This may include states bordering Canada, as well as Iowa, South Dakota, and Wyoming. We shall see if this is the case as we get closer to tonight. Of course, us seeing auroras also depends on the weather. Clouds may cover our view. So you might have to go on a drive to get away from cloud cover!

Tons more photos in the group on facebook! Join us to chat and see the great photos!

Check out what the ABN aurora cam caught. The first photo is 1005pm as the sun was still setting. The second is at 220am and the third is before the sun rose at 517am.

Taken from the Alaska Aurora Cam as the sun was setting!!!

Palmer, AK

Delta Junction, AK

Seward, AK

Watch for auroras tonight and tomorrow night

Auroras are forecast for tonight and tomorrow night. Data is slowly ramping up. G1 storming may hit tonight, and could progress to G2.

Be ready to watch auroras!! Auroras could be seen all the way to sunrise if the forecast lines up.

All of Alaska, all of Canada (away from light pollution) and the northern states.

Tonight Kp 2, Sat-Mon expect auroras Kp 4

Tonight the aurora forecast is Kp 2. Fairbanks and northern Canada may see auroras.

Saturday night to Monday morning, Kp 4 or higher is expected due to another CHHSS.
This means that the entire state of Alaska, and most of Canada may be able to see the auroras.
Northern states may also catch the show, depending if it does become strong.
Always look north and get away from any light pollution.
Light pollution is any man made lights.

Beautiful Norwegian cruise ship lights here.

G2 storming possible, expect lights tonight Mar 21/22

Aurora data is looking great right now, and northern Europe is seeing lights where the weather is clear. Very cloudy in many areas though!

Canada and the northern states expect lights when it becomes dark. Alaska, be ready for lights tonight!!!! Kp 5 happening now, could easily go higher.

Last night we had a pretty good showing. Photos below. (if you can’t see these via email subscription, please click thru to facebook)

From North Pole, Alaska, USA Debra Reeves

From Delta Junction, Alaska, USA

Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

AURORAS TONIGHT! Happy Spring Equinox

Wow, data is looking great all of a sudden tonight, and auroras are being seen in mid Canada.
Expect lights in Alaska tonight if your weather is clear.
Auroras are already ramping up here in the interior (Fairbanks area), but there are considerable clouds in some areas.
Look low on the horizon to the north from the Anchorage area as we head into the night.

Fantastic cams to watch tonight:

Churchill MB, Canada

Aurora Max, Yellowknife, NT, Canada

Alaska Aurora Cam, Fairbanks, Alaska USA

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