Tonight’s forecast Kp 4.

Dec 10/11 Tonight’s forecast is Kp 4 and we may see Kp 4 two nights in a row. This means much of Alaska and most of Canada may see auroras. Clouds will affect viewing. Always start off by looking to the north if you cannot see anything overhead.

Today’s question in the facebook group: Do I have a better chance at seeing auroras from Chena Hot Springs?
Answer: No. There is an equal chance at seeing the lights from Fairbanks and Chena Hot Springs. Both have light pollution, and both are the same latitude.

What is there to do in North Pole, Alaska? Ice fishing under the aurora!!! Snow mobile tours! No worries, winter gear is provided.

Poor weather for viewing auroras lately

The forecast for the next 3 nights is Kp 2. We are also having cloudy weather in most of Alaska. If there is an opening in the clouds, and you are in the north (Fairbanks area or further north), then have a look at the sky facing north, northeast anytime before the sun brightens the sky (around 830-9am).

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P.S. Don’t be confused or lost about aurora watching if you are on your dream vacation and are desperate to see the lights…Shoot me a text with your question.

G2 storm watch in effect

G2 storm watch in effect from Dec 4-5, due to the recurring coronal hole high speed stream. G2 is Kp 6.

Weather in Fairbanks is expected to clear by morning. Check the skies when you wake up!!!
Anchorage weather is rainy and cloudy, sorry!

All of Alaska, all of Canada, and the northern states, be ready for auroras sometime tonight or in the morning (while still dark), and be ready also tomorrow night. Also, northern Europe, as soon as it is dark be ready.

As of this post at 645 pm Alaska time, data is weak, and the storm has not arrived.

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Auroras tonight (finally??) G1 forecast but could be near morning time.

Auroras are going off over Yellowknife via the AuroraMax cam.
Here is a screen shot of the cam

Alaska and most of Canada should expect to see lights in this overnight (Tues into Wed), and into Wed night/Thurs morning. G1 storm (Kp 5) is forecast due to the CHHSS and a CME. Not too much is expected from this event though.

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Auroras starting now Kp 4, Nov 20/21

Tonight’s forecast is Kp 4 with a high possibility of it hitting Kp 5.
All of Alaska be ready. Canada, look to the north now.
Northern states along the Canadian border, look to the north NOW and all night long.

When? Anytime it is dark. The lights are already starting in the Fairbanks area, but are faint as of this post at 6:15pm AK time.

Temperature in Fairbanks -22F
Anchorage +19F
Be careful out there!

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