Auroras predicted tonight Kp 5

Auroras are predicted tonight and also tomorrow night, with a forecast of Kp 5. These auroras are the result of an incoming CME. The CME is predicted to be a slow glancing blow. The Kp 5 prediction could mean that the storm could reach as far south as the northern USA, Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, and also to the north New Zealand south island, and Tasmania. As usual with forecasts, timing could be off by several hours, so eyes to the skies when it is dark. Here is a link to the official forecast and watch or warning.

Snow, rain, and overcast skies will block the view of the aurora. Travel to where the skies are clearer. Follow the aurora hunt tonight in our facebook group with up to date predictions.

Valentine’s Night aurora on order, Kp 5 expected.

Heads up across the aurora zone!
There has been a solar flare today resulting in an earth directed CME. This means we can expect auroras on Feb 14/15 at a Kp level of 5. All of Alaska, all of Canada, and the upper portion of the contiguous USA be on alert for auroras as soon as night falls and all night long until the sun rises.

Additional scientific details here.
CME watch data here or here on

Perfect for Valentine’s Day. This is a hint, ladies and gentlemen.

The Aurora Chasers, Fairbanks, Alaska. Tours available!

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