CME expected tonight

Just a reminder that we are based in North Pole, Alaska, where the midnight sun is still a presence. Therefore, we cannot provide “LIVE” reports as seen with our own eyes (as stated in the description of this page). We are relying on scientific data on the internet as well as your reports from areas where it gets dark at night. And yes, the CME has hit earth, so in areas where it is dark now, and tonight, expect displays. We will keep you updated.

Major X-class solar flare

This short video shows the latest solar flare on the sun, which should produce a very nice aurora this weekend visible in areas where it gets dark, from southern Alaska all the way to the middle of the USA, also in areas of Europe where it gets dark at night. … Continue reading

2 great aurora photography classes to choose from

Lara Poirrier from Northern Source Images will be giving this class for all aurora photographers including novices. and Roger Marty of Ice Fog Foto is giving this class, both are highly recommended. Both classes are in Fairbanks. Email the photographers to get them to host a class in … Continue reading

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