Storm Level tonight! KP 6

Tonight will be a great night for northern lights. The Fairbanks area has approximately 3 hours of darkness to enjoy the lights. The more southern portions of the State of Alaska are darker a little longer. Enjoy the show immediately upon it getting dark in your area. The next few days, the aurora forecast is looking good as well. Be on the lookout all week!

New website for next season

This website is a work in progress for the season ending April 2012. It will be updated and ready to go beginning in August 2012 for the next aurora season. Not much activity will be put on this website until then. Enjoy your summer.

Last night no, but maybe tonight a go!

Last night’s show was mostly a non-event. Sorry about that. All the indicators were there, and we were waiting (impatiently). Tonight’s forecast is looking good as well for the more northern areas of Alaska including Fairbanks, and it should(!) start around midnight and end about 330am when it starts to … Continue reading

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