Tonight’s forecast Kp 2

Fairbanks has a chance at the lights tonight if only these clouds would move along…
The forecast of Kp 2 is not strong enough for Anchorage or further south.

Photo by Gary Kallberg, Fox, Alaska, Sept 15. Fall leaves and auroras make stunning colors.

Auroras tonight Kp 6

G2-Moderate geomagnetic storm conditions. Kp 6, Bz 2 nT, solar wind speed 694 km/sec at 8pm Alaska time. Heads up for auroras tonight in all of Alaska, Canada, and the upper USA. NOAA reference here

Tonight’s forecast, Kp 4

The aurora storm that hit has subsided a bit. Conditions are still great for auroras in the north, such as middle to northern Canada, and all of Alaska. Kp 4 is forecast for tonight. Currently as of this post at 715pm, the Kp level is 3. If it should rise … Continue reading

Kp 8 now, Europe expecting auroras

The planetary K index is 8 now and northern Europe are expecting lights when it is dark. These are the current Ovation pictures depicting where the aurora is predicted with the current data. Canada and USA, expect lights again tonight, will revisit the data later today. Get notified via NOAA … Continue reading

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