Feb 26 was a great night

Did you catch the big show on February 26? The aurora started up in northern Europe with France and Belgium seeing the lights! It was an amazing show with a lot of red. Scotland had clear skies and produced some amazing photos. As night fell, it was North America’s turn for lights. Several states saw the aurora, with the reds non stop. Canada and Alaska enjoyed a vibrant colorful show overhead.

Here we have several photos shared by Bhaswar Banerjee, taken in interior Alaska. The red was seen with the naked eye. The aurora was so bright, it did not matter the moon was shining bright. The entire region had clear skies, and the event started right at sunset.

Carli Hook shared these photos taken from Chugiak, Alaska, just north of Anchorage. The highest Kp index was Kp 7.

The webcam caught the show over North Pole, Alaska. One photo was taken every one minute, then sped up for this timelapse. The camera ran from sunset to sunrise. I hope you caught the show! ~Amy

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