Amazing night for many across the USA and Canada

The CME hit a day earlier than predicted and surprised us all. The aurora appeared for many locations across the USA and Canada. Thick clouds dominated Alaska, but a few places did see a show. Kodiak, King Salmon, Homer, Nome, Holy Cross, all reported in.

Canada: AB, SK, QC, BC, NT, YT, NU, MB, ON

Lower 48 states reported auroras: VT, NH, NY, MN, MI, WI, OH, ND, IA, MT, WY, WA, OR, ID, IA, KS, MO, IL, NE

This list is not necessarily the only locations witnessing auroras, but merely reports made to Aurora Borealis Notifications or seen online.

The Kp level reached 9, and hovered around Kp 7 for awhile (Source: Canada Space Weather). Those of us in Fairbanks are crying. Anchorage not happy either! But we are glad many many people saw the show! Hopefully you did not miss it!

As of this post at 1:25am Alaska time, the Kp is a 6.

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  1. So exciting, we didn’t get to see them in Alaska in late August and I really want to see them, I am hoping that they can come to Philadelphia area

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