Expect auroras tonight in Alaska

Due to a high speed solar stream, we are expecting active auroras tonight. Data is already looking good, and parts of Europe and Canada are currently seeing lights. Faint displays are being seen on the AuroraMax cam.

The forecast is also looking great for auroras on Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Current Kp level as of this post: 3
Time of this post: 425pm

With NOAA Space Weather changing their website recently, finding information is hard. Here is a link for you to see the data: Space Weather Data for Enthusiasts

When will the lights appear? —Anytime its dark, but usually later into the night.
Where do I look for the lights? —In Alaska, look toward the north, northeast if not overhead! Find the Big Dipper star constellation for a hint of where to look.
Can I see the aurora if it is cloudy? —-Yes, in between the clouds, or your camera may pick up “green” clouds. However, the best shows are on cloudless nights.
Can I see it from housing on base? —-Usually not. There are too many security and streetlights on. Go where it is darker. Sometimes backyards are much darker.