Tonight is quiet to active

The forecast is quiet to active with a chance of major storming. That is what NOAA Space Weather predicted at 2pm. As of this post at 9pm, the aurora is very quiet. The Kp level is 1. We will see typical displays in the Fairbanks area, but possibly not until after midnight. Right now, the aurora is faint and low on the horizon. Have a great Saturday night!!!

UPDATE: as of 930pm a band formed over North Pole. Solid green band from east to west. Kp 1. There is activity more south, such as in the Anchorage areas, but it is low and faint as of this post.

UPDATE 2: As of 1115pm the band has risen a little higher in the sky across the Anchorage and Valley areas. Auroras are being reported in many areas from Anchorage to Talkeetna to Fairbanks. It is somewhat faint due to the moon.

Sneak a peak on the cam (Hey, it’s cold outside!) at