ANOTHER great aurora show predicted tonight! Yes, it’s true

We are awaiting another great show tonight in Alaska. Last night, the aurora started off faint and in a simple band. The band split, and got bigger, and just as many people gave up and went to bed, the sky exploded. Lights were prominent in the whole state. The almost-full moon did wash out a little detail, but for those who stayed up, the effort was worth it. The skies were lit until the sun completely lit the sky. The best shows were seen just south of Fairbanks and north of Anchorage.

Tonight: Expect lights sometime tonight. The current Kp level is 4, but the Bz is at 9.4 nT, which is not optimal for viewing. Things could change in minutes or hours. All we can do it wait. No one knows the time it will appear. I will be on aurora watch and will post to facebook when the lights are coming out. The facebook feed is also displayed on the front page of this website.

green stars

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