12 Days of Christmas Giveaway 2 large prints

You won’t believe this giveaway….. 2 very large 20×30 prints by Northern Exposure Photography! These will fill your blank wall with more than a conversation piece. There will only be one winner for BOTH prints!!!

2 gorgeous photos! The aurora photo shows the pipeline over the Tanana River near Delta Junction, Alaska. The moonlit photo shows the Tanana River, Salcha, Alaska, in it’s beauty in the night. Each stunning work of art is guaranteed to make this Christmas extra special. Both photos are canvas on matboard.

You can see more photos at Northern Exposure Photography on facebook, or on the website at www.northernexposurephotography.net

To win, please comment something about the photos on the website or facebook page, or the photos in this giveaway. Please give a like on facebook to Northern Exposure Photography!

NE double final


  1. I don’t have facebook anymore, just a primary Google+ user but the prints are so beautiful and would be amazing to have in our new home in Anchorage. I can’t image finding prints more facinating to see each day.

  2. We wait for the perfect picture, the perfect time of day, the perfect composition….. nailed it!

  3. It is my favorite picture of the pipeline and aurora. It is so different than any other I have seen. Both prints are beautiful and thank you so much for giving us the chance to win something so magnificent.

  4. Wonderful work! I would so love to have your. I would so love to have your beautiful photos for. Y walls! I never seem to wo. The Inge but this would make my year! 🙂

  5. Incredible photos! Beautiful work on all accounts! Is that one pic of the pipeline with the auroras in the sky??? Amazing!

  6. absolutely amazing borealis – so love the greens always …..and the start of any sun starting to go down for the day and wait for the sunsets …beautiful

  7. I lived in Alaska in the mid to late 80’s and loved the beauty of the state and the magic of the northern lights. Unfortunately I was not into (amateur) photography back then but it has now become a hobby. It is unlikely I will ever be able to see them again to photograph so to win these for my wall, would be wonderful. What a great memory it would be!

  8. These 20X30 prints are exquisite!! Wow, I have 16X20s of Glacier on my living room walls, but would replace those with these in a second. Beautiful photography, would certainly like to win these. Thank you to Northern Exposure for donating them and making someone’s Christmas special.

  9. These are great. I’ve tried my amateur hand at the AB lights and now appreciate the skill needed to take pictures like these. Having one of these on the wall of out home back in SC would be a wonderful reminder of our visit here..

  10. I love all aurora prints and photos but then when has there been one not liked? Our heavenly lights are pure perfection at the highest level 🙂

  11. Those are HUGE images!! Love it. Really like the angle of the image of the pipeline; makes this image so successful PLUS really good work with the light sources, this was a hard image to get right and you did it! Also, the tree line/moon shot in the second photo is really beautiful. Great job Northern Exposure Photography. BTW, love the tractor in the field of flowers in the Alaska Randoms collection. Made me smile.

  12. In both pictures, the Tanana River looks so crystal clear, one with the aurora’s and pipeline and the other with the trees. The pictures are stunning. To win these would be a great Christmas gift.

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