Very quiet lately

We are still here and still watching the sky! It has been very quiet lately. I have been getting a few messages lately from excited visitors to Alaska asking about the lights. It is rare these nights to not see anything! The aurora has been out, but it has been very faint to the naked eye and very fleeting (as seen from North Pole).

17 March 2013, photo depicts what we saw with the naked eye, ALL NIGHT LONG and over the ENTIRE SKY


Over the past 4 years, we have seen fantastic aurora events this time of  year around spring equinox. We aurora watchers call the big show in 2013 the St Patricks Day Event and if you were witness to it, you will never forget that night.

2016 auroras and remember the big event of 2013

2015 Week of auroras

2014 what seemed to be never ending auroras Feb and March

2013 St Patricks Day Event

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