Forecast is great tonight

This is an aurora alert for tonight and tomorrow. G1 and/or G2 storm incoming! Northern lights may be seen as far south as the northern states. All of Canada and Alaska be ready for lights tonight.

When should you head out? When it is dark!
How long should you wait for the aurora to be seen? Til sunrise!
Is there a “best” time? No! The aurora can be seen anytime it is dark, but typically seen after midnight. When there is a storm level aurora (such as tonight and tomorrow night) the time does not matter!

I saw the aurora, then it went away. Is that it? The aurora comes and goes. It is never finished unless the sun is rising.


  1. Is the Airport in Anchorage a good spot to see it? I know it’s bright but if I can see the stars I should be okay right?

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