Looking great for aurora

Tonight’s aurora forecast is great for watchers across Alaska and Canada and possibly the northern states. Kp 6 tonight and Kp 5 Saturday and Sunday night.

Be ready when it’s dark. Watch the data and the webcams to narrow down a good time.

It’s raining in Anchorage Alaska and the rain is forecast for Fairbanks. You’ll have to drive if there is an opening in the clouds. I like using Windy.com to check cloud coverage. They also have an app.

If you don’t know where to go to try and see the aurora, look at a light pollution map to help you find darker skies.

From NOAA Space Weather

Solar wind conditions are expected to be moderately enhanced over 01-03 Oct due to CIR effects followed by positive polarity CH HSS influences coupled with possible CME influence on 01 Oct.

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