midnight sun

Rain and more rain

Aurora season started a couple weeks ago, as it gets dark at night now, although very briefly. As we get closer to September, the far north becomes more and more dark at night. The aurora has been present, but it has been so cloudy and rainy in both Fairbanks and Anchorage, that we only saw…

quiet skies lately

The aurora has been out this past week, but has been short-lived, quiet, and mostly low on the horizon. A few bursts were seen by those watching the skies patiently or on cam. It is a fun hobby to watch the cams. We are still watching and waiting for a better forecast to announce. Many…


The aurora forecast is looking excellent for Northern Europe right now. There may be a possibility of it showing itself to North America come nightfall. We will keep you posted. This is not for the Fairbanks area, as the midnight sun is too bright. This will be for folks in darker, and lower latitudes.