auroras tonight, Oct 13/14! G2 Kp 6

The coronal hole high speed stream continues and tonight’s aurora forecast is great! Kp 6. Auroras are currently being seen across Canada, Wisconsin, and Minnesota as of this writing. Other northern states be on the lookout. Alaska, lights expected as soon as it gets dark, weather permitting.

aurora update for Oct 10

Aurora update from NOAA Space Wx…..The G1 storm forecast is extended to Oct 11/12/13. Tonight’s forecast is still Kp 5, however we are not yet at the elevated levels, it is moving up slowly… Clouds will block the aurora, so you must drive away from any weather….It has been raining … Continue reading

Kp 5 predicted for Oct 10/11

Be on the lookout for auroras Oct 10/11. The forecast is calling for G1 storm conditions (Kp 5) due to the anticipated arrival of a recurrent, polar-connected, positive polarity CHHSS. All of Canada, Alaska, and the upper portion of the contiguous USA have a good chance at seeing auroras. Look … Continue reading

Auroras tonight Kp 6

The Kp level is currently Kp 6. Heads up for auroras in all of Alaska, Canada, and the upper portion of the contiguous USA. Last night we saw great auroras over Fairbanks, Nome, and the north, where the weather was clear. Expect more tonight!

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