12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Calendar

Dec 2 Giveaway for the ABN 12 Days of Christmas is a calendar from PicAx Photography. Beautiful auroras make up 5 photos in this calendar, and stunning Alaska scenery fill the other months. This calendar has it all for your Alaskan gift.

PicAx Photography also has an aurora cam up in Wasilla, Alaska, hosted on this website. It is called the Kick Ax Cam! Do check it out when determining if the lights are out in South Central Alaska.

Kathy Ax, an ice carver by day, and aurora watcher by night! Like many of us that work during the day, we always make time for auroras! Have you stayed up all night to catch the aurora? Or called late into work because of it? Comment below and Kathy will pick a winner. You may also comment on the giveaway post on facebook.

picax cal give 2


  1. These are SO beautiful – something I wish we could have seen when we were in Fairbanks…

  2. Just got to Fairbanks last night. First time inAlaska during winter. Hoping to get some good photos of the AB while we’re here.

  3. I’d love to have these beautiful photos on the wall by my desk, to look at every day!

  4. This is my first winter back in Alaska. I was born and raised here and my family had to move away for school. We are back and i stayed up all night the other night to watch them here in wasilla. Thank you for the camera, i check it every night.

  5. Hey Ice Carvin’ Lady! Love the moose in your calendar and your posts on Facebook. Also some great photos that you have posted (you all there is a bodacious full moon peeking out over the mountains and it is STUNNING, so if you have not gone to Kathy’s FB page do it! Now there is also a photo of a couple boxes of what else?, these stunning calendars…so even if you don’t win, help to make these boxes empty. Kathy, the calendar is beautiful.

  6. very jealous of the ability to see auroras in alaska. it looks like this calendat would be a worthy replacement, as well as an inducement to visit alaska!

  7. In February our offices are moving. I am losing my window – and it would be great to have something beautiful to look at each day

  8. When I’ve gone out in the wee hours hoping to catch auroras, I’m always treated with something; perhaps a shooting star; once a full, blood moon. Beautiful calendar would remind me daily to look up and away. Thank you.

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