Kp 6

Looking great for aurora

Tonight’s aurora forecast is great for watchers across Alaska and Canada and possibly the northern states. Kp 6 tonight and Kp 5 Saturday and Sunday night. Be ready when it’s dark. Watch the data and the webcams to narrow down a good time. It’s raining in Anchorage Alaska and the rain is forecast for Fairbanks….

Aurora tonight, Kp 6

The aurora forecast for tonight until the 17th of January is looking great with a Kp level of 6 tonight, then waning to Kp 4 (active), then Kp 3 (unsettled). All of Alaska and much of Canada should expect aurora. This is due to a negative polarity coronal high-speed stream. There is cloudy weather in…

Forecast is great tonight

This is an aurora alert for tonight and tomorrow. G1 and/or G2 storm incoming! Northern lights may be seen as far south as the northern states. All of Canada and Alaska be ready for lights tonight. When should you head out? When it is dark!How long should you wait for the aurora to be seen?…